Today was LE workout #2 and I did half of the T25 Abs routine. I did not have enough time for the whole one.

Remembering the times when I was fat and out of shape, I did not wanted to compliment on somebody who was loosing weight, probably because of the painful realization on how out-of-shape I was. In the last two years I had two co-workers loose a couple hundred pounds each with those weight-loss surgeries. I always thought of it as cheating, as they may never learn how to eat right. And the sad truth in the case for one of my co-workers, after only 2 years, he is already on his way up again.  Kinda sad. So there are no shortcuts, like everything in life being and staying in shape is hard work and always will be.

I loved the lesson on sugar today and a great takeaway for me was the “Avoiding sugar keeps us young”. And who doesn’t want to stay young!


20130830-193311.jpg 20130830-193333.jpg 20130830-193327.jpg 20130830-193340.jpg

I forgot the tomato for my breakfast, which meant I did not have any colorful veggies included. Due to TTOTM  I want chocolate. So I am trying my best to stay away from all the commercial crap. The pictured one is a PNB protein bar (115kcal) and tastes delish. My protein shake aka ice cream  was made with frozen fruit and 10 ice cubes to get the right consistency.

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