Amber, Thanks. I see you are taking pictures of your foods too. Great job! The protein ice cream is so good, that I sometimes feel guilty to have ice cream for dinner.

I am working again to cut my portions and I am still in the habit to make too much food, but dont want to toss it. And my freezer is overflowing with meals. So I offered one of my meals to my co-worker and he is always more than happy to help me out.

I am reading the book Hungry, and cant really relate to that behavior. I guess I am fortunate, I just ate too much over time without obsessing about certain foods. But its interesting to know that people struggle with that. I do have trigger foods that I need to avoid, like bread or “Milka” (German) chocolate.

My workout was T25 Cardio (Intervals).


20130903-205053.jpg 20130903-205108.jpg 20130903-205120.jpg

M1: Egg muffin, 1/2 spinach pancake, and green beans
M2: Zucchini Spaghetti, tomato, edamame, tomatillo, red onion, jalapeno
M3: Protein Ice Cream with 12 ice cubes

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