I usually do my LE Workout #1 on Mondays and LE Workout #2 on Fridays, Wednesdays I work out with my trainer. I almost injured myself today with those new workouts. I Totally loved the Push presses. While slamming my knees into the ball my hands backfired into my face and injured my lip a little. Fortunately it was only swollen a little. Then while jumping to do the chin-ups I had way too much distance where I could easily strained something. I should have watched the video first. Sometimes I do some silly things.

Exercise: LE W#2

Food: was ok, though I should have planned for an extra meal just in case. I had to get a salad out from the vending machine. I am working on getting the three meals/day down.

20130906-211540.jpg 20130906-211558.jpg

20130906-211616.jpg 20130906-211634.jpg

M1: Beef Burger with Cauliflower
M2: Zucchini Spaghetti, veggies and grilled chicken breast
M3: Asian Salad with chicken breast (vending)
M4: Protein Dessert

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