After I got back from my exercise I took my favorite tenant who moved here from Chicago last December to check out one of Milwaukee’s oldest bakeries today. She is 82 years old and is in great shape. She walks her little dog every day and keeps herself quite busy.

When we walked into the bakery, I was totally disappointed. They only had the white mushy stuff, breads, rolls, doughnuts, cookies and muffins. On the other hand I was safe and did not even wanted to try anything of the sugary white crap. #zeronutrition In European bakeries you find breads of different  shapes and textures. And yes they have doughnuts and cakes too, but they also have little fruit tarts and other more fruity and colorful items. But then I can probably make it healthier at home. Never mind.

After that we ventured to the farmers market, one of  Milwaukee’s largest. Which at this time of the year offers a very colorful variety of fruits, veggies and flowers. Its so pretty. Next time I will take some pictures. Here are my fresh veggies for the week.


Today’s meals:

20130907-183110.jpg 20130907-183123.jpg

20130907-183146.jpg 20130907-183200.jpg

M1: Egg omelet (one duck and one chicken egg) and cucumber salad
M2: Protein Pancakes, tart cherries, Greek yogurt and slivered almonds
M3: Tomato, mozzarella , basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
M4: Protein Ice Cream

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