Ohhhhhhhh, my gosh. This cheesecake is AMAZING. I finally made it. Its worth getting a little 6-inch spring form pan. Otherwise I would need to double the amount for an 8-inch pan and then someone needs to eat all of it too.

Today’s workout was T25 Speed which I did in the basketball court. Those guys playing basketball must have thought I am crazy, but who cares. I got it done. The sauna is still out of service as they found a bigger problem that could have easily caused a fire.

Today I had another showing for my vacant apartment, while I really liked the candidate, the bad credit history and low income make it a tough choice. I guess I am really fortunate and always archived my goals and are living a freaking awesome life. Wow, not sure how somebody can live on $800/month. I am all about empowering people. Education is certainly the key for a better life so they dont have to be exploited by the Walmarts of this country. I will not set a foot into a Walmart or a Sam’s club out of this reason. But what can I do to help? I need to ponder that a little more since empowering women is near and dear to my heart. I think I wrote about it very early in the log on how we went onto a mission trip to Nicaragua to help ex-prostitutes acquire new skills. I was on the sewing team and helped women learn how to sew. I still remember this as one of the most awesome experiences.


Today’s meals:

20130910-202416.jpg 20130910-202430.jpg 20130910-202442.jpg 20130910-202455.jpg 20130910-202505.jpg

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