So one of the gals at the gym started strict Paleo about a month ago. I like some of the Paleo recipes that I found but not really sure what that diet entails nor do I care. No more diets for me! She told us that she lost 20 pounds. Freaking sh** – 20 pounds in a month? Not sure if anybody else feels that too, but I am working my butt off for about 7 month and I lost 40ish pounds so far and then you hear that. I know, I know the faster you loose it the wrong way the faster it will jump back on and then some. After all its a diet which makes you restrict foods. Never a good thing!

That got me thinking a little more about the way I eat now and what I could do better. I am currently progressing through in finding my optimum nutrition and that is a journey. There are really no short-cuts. As in pure fat loss maybe not the fastest, but more importantly listening to my body on how certain things make me feel and then still having fun with food are way more important to me then getting to my goal weight quickly. After all, I have all the time I need to get there. And I didn’t gain those 100 pounds in a year either. Not to mentioning the chance of the skin retracting rather than hanging (thought that might be silly and depends on a lot of other factors). The body just needs time to rearrange stuff too. Let me phrase it that way: I love my life and I feel awesome. What more can I ask for? I am now a size 14 proper (not Women’s) and can continue to experiment with foods that are fun and good for me. No more obsessing about foods and waiting for the next meal. I dont eat on a schedule any longer. Now I eat when I feel hungry. And since I was never slim I dont know that “size/weight” will be perfect for my body, but I am sure when time comes my body will tell me. My journey continues.

Since I was kinda sore I decided to declare my rest day today. I will do the T25 Stretching tomorrow after I am done with checking the systems for work. I tried a new thing today called green tuna. I asked a women who was getting a whole big bag on how to prepare that? She told me that it was a fruit, how to peel it and that you eat the flesh with the seeds.

20130914-185348.jpg 20130914-185223.jpg 20130914-185257.jpg

The prickly pear cactuses have been a staple food of Native Americans for many centuries. Their large, colorful blossoms appear in yellow, pink, red or purple and grow from the tip of cactus nodules, which later ripen into delicious red fruit.  I got a green one, so it probably wasn’t ripe. It had a nice flavor but there were big round seeds throughout the fruit, which you swallow!  If you bite down you may break a tooth! So I thought Vitamix, that will puree anything. They did get it smaller, but because I made protein ice cream the stuff did not move fast enough to get liquified. So I had an rather weird protein shake tonight. Next time I will try the red ones.  And maybe juicing would be better to extract them with the maximum flavor.

20130914-185152.jpg 20130914-185205.jpg

20130914-185215.jpg 20130914-185312.jpg

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