Taking the SNAP (food stamp) challenge

This is important enough to disrupt my media fast and lose a check mark over. It was triggered by the CEO of Panera taking the SNAP challenge and originally complaining about all the bad carbs. Haha the bread guy complaining about carbs. But he sure has a great point, as it is an obvious one. My challenge is to live as best as possible within the LE guidelines. So here it goes.

The CEO of Panera taking the SNAP (food stamp) challenge
Take the Challenge

I wanted to prove otherwise but also give ideas how to make half-way nutritious foods on the SNAP budget without cutting coupons and running to 5 different stores. Time savings can be applied by only cooking once a week. My goal is also to build a pantry.
  • Only to use one store as most SNAP recipients may not have transportation and may need to go by bus – so this week its Aldi Foods
  • They may be busy working 2 jobs to make ends meet, but have time Sunday afternoons for the “Sunday Ritual”
  • Sticking as close as possible to the LE guidelines to add protein and fruit/veggies to each meal. Extremely challenging though!

My trip to Aldi’s

20130920-191307.jpg 20130920-195842.jpg

All items at home and the leftovers for the pantry or emergency snacks on the right.

20130920-191334.jpg 20130920-195400.jpg

Meal 1 – Oatmeal Bake with peanut butter and pear compote.

 20130920-191012.jpg 20130920-195330.jpg

20130920-191251.jpg 20130920-191032.jpg

Meal 2 – Egg cups with carrots

20130920-191157.jpg 20130920-191228.jpg

20130920-191213.jpg 20130920-195317.jpg

Meal 3 – Pork ribs with cabbage and mashed potatoes

20130920-191124.jpg 20130920-191140.jpg 20130920-195346.jpg

My challenge is starting tomorrow and I will record my weight, how I feel and will give more info on price and nutritional breakdown. If you are apt to feel free to join me to raise awareness on hunger and maybe even making this world a better place and maybe finding some great cheap and nutritious recipes.

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