SNAP challenge Day 3 of 28

Last night:
It was getting so cold outside and I felt like I needed more food. I had a tbsp of peanut butter before bed, but if I continue this way I wont have any peanut butter left for next week. While my lunch is a very filling meal, breakfast and dinner is a different story. The oats for breakfast making me feel sluggish as I am gluten-intolerant. My dinner would make a wonderful breakfast. I love eggs in the morning. They just need more veggies to bulk up the meal a little. I am just craving some raw veggies or a salad.

This morning:
My body was pretty achy , I suspect from the sugar/oats. I had no energy whatsoever and just wanted to stay in bed and skip my workout. I am going to drop my heavy-duty cardio like my beloved T25 workouts and my Saturday morning BodyAttack, since I wont have that extra energy.

I feel great tonight and still have tons of energy left and that cabbage salad that I quickly made from the leftover veggies tasted to die for. Everything tastes even better when hungry. And I think the extra egg in the morning really brought in the balance of the carb load from the oatmeal bake. This evening I felt like I had great balanced meals. And oh how I missed fresh salad.

I am learning to stretch my coffee, hoping it will last at least two weeks. Its mightily thin but bearable.

I dont really watch TV at home, but this morning at the gym I became painfully aware of all the things I cant have (which I never noticed before). I usually dont pay attention to commercials, but today for some odd reason I did. The guy was cutting up strawberries to put over some yogurt. My thought were I could never afford strawberries, even on sale it would be a splurge.

My goal isn’t to show how miserable one can be on this budget, but I would rather love to find ways to make it work and not feeling deprived. It may even help somebody having fun making Lean Eating meals on a very tight budget. Most people who live this day in and day out cant plan those meals to perfection, they have other more important worries. Believe me, I put quite a bit of planning and research into these meals just to stay within my budget thanks to Excel spreadsheets and I am developing a strategy on how to shop and get the most nutrition for those $31. Having to buy small quantities makes everything more expensive. If you could buy a 5lb bag of for apples $2.99 vs 2 apple for $1.20. Spending over 10% of the weekly budget for one item is totally out of question, unless you really love apples and make it part of quite a few meals during the week. Unfortunately it takes money to save money! Buying in bulk would make life a lot easier.

Today’s meals:

20130923-181021.jpg 20130923-181039.jpg 20130923-181052.jpg

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