SNAP challenge Day 4 of 28

I woke up around 4am and had to do some thinking. Like a What If scenario, what if the SNAP budget would be on a monthly base, could I then afford protein powder (the cheapest of course) and buy foods in bulk? After verifying SNAP is indeed paid out on a monthly base to qualifying recipients, that was great news to me. I will continue another week on the weekly budget of $31.50/week and then will switch over to the 4-week challenge and stay within the $126 for the month. I really miss my protein shakes aka protein ice cream at night. I think it would be possible and I could do the once a month cooking where I can freeze most meals and then I can mix and match during those 4 weeks. No more eating the same meals for 7 days.

My weight was 221# on Friday and today I am down to 218#. I opted for swimming today, as I dont want to burn up too many calories right now. I felt great and though I was hungry throughout the day my energy level was pretty stable. But you know, when you have a co-worker that crunches on chips and salsa all day long, that can get pretty annoying especially when being hungry for 2+ hours.

I seem to get less fuzzy with the quality and taste of the meals, and three more days of the same meals seem to be ok. Well there is really no other choice, I eat it or I leave it. End of matter!

As I was digging for my More is Less cookbook and I found some of my old German recipes. I bet most of them will be super cheap to make.

I am in the process of scheduling some volunteer opportunities for myself, like sorting foods at Feeding America and serving a meal at the Rescue Mission. This for sure sets everything in perspective and makes me appreciate all the things I have. #Gratitude #Joy

But I am also scheduling some free fun, like hiking on Sunday morning with a bunch of strangers (will skip the brunch), a class at a coffee roster to learn more about coffees and I am sure there will be more. I did not realize that there is so much fun stuff one can do. Looks like Milwaukee and surroundings is pretty darn awesome.

Here is the pic of the group I joined on Sunday for a casual bike ride along Lake Michigan.


Today’s meals (really no difference from yesterday):

20130924-193511.jpg 20130924-193520.jpg 20130924-193528.jpg

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