SNAP challenge Day 5 of 42

Oh my gosh, I scored big time! Today’s shopping trip was a total success. Like last week I went on a Wednesday to do the shopping since the stores seem to be less crowded. I brought home a boat load of veggies, chicken breasts, lots of beans, lentils, chickpeas and rice for $29. Though I did not get any butter, there will be tons of food for the next week. I will be prepare the meals on Friday evening, but tomorrow I want to cook up the chicken breasts and make the chicken stock for the soup and prepare the black beans. But more about it tomorrow.


It was another of those days that I woke up around 4am after only 6 hours of sleep. Maybe I now need less sleep. Less food = less sleep? I wasn’t quite as rested as jumping out of bed and ready to tackle the new day, but I did not have any dips in energy today, nor was I tired. My mind seemed being busy thinking about stuff like how this challenge may make a great diet for folks who want to loose some weight and it would come with triple benefits. Weight-loss (maybe to rapid for my taste), makes one realize what a struggle it is to survive on SNAP (Gratitude) and the saved money by the end of the diet could be donated to a local food-bank. All kidding aside, while being hungry may be ok for somebody like me, but its certainly not ok for children or the elderly who need to get by on SNAP. The recent cuts will affect anybody who needs them. My planned budget for the month was originally $126, after the cut its 117.60. I just “lost” $8.40 for fresh veggies starting in November. Since I am always up for a good challenge, I will make this new amount my baseline for the 4-week challenge.

Here is the more serious side of SNAP: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) is the nation’s most important anti-hunger program, reaching nearly 48 million people nationwide in 2012 alone. Nearly 75 percent of SNAP participants are in families with children; more than one-quarter of participants are in households with seniors or people with disabilities. These fact sheets provide state-by-state data on who participates in the SNAP program, the benefits they receive, and SNAP’s role in strengthening the economy.

Just as I was walking into the gym for my trainer workout this morning I got a call from work. So I had to cancel my workout and rush to get to work fast. To exercise I went out at lunchtime for a little while and snapped some pics at the farmers market. I was feasting with my eyes instead buying. And those pictures will last longer too.

market_beets market_flowers

market-veggies  market_day

market_sun market_brussels

I had a nice little chat with my favorite vendor, Zer. All of her produce are organic and are very tasty. Not quite sure yet if I can make them fit into my 4-week budget.


I did some checking on the protein powders available and I need to figure out which one is ok to buy for next month as I want to return to my protein shakes at night. Looks like it will cost me between $18 and $20 for 24 servings which I will need to stretch to 28 to make it last those 4 weeks.

20130925-204430.jpg 20130925-204421.jpg 20130925-204414.jpg

20130925-204403.jpg 20130925-204354.jpg

I will spare you the pictures of my meals as this marks day 5 of the same kinda meal.

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