SNAP challenge Day 6 of 42

4am again. Not sure if it is the time or the 6 hour mark. I will try to get to bed earlier tonight to see. Three days with only 6 hours of sleep and its catching up to me. I was tired in the afternoon. I am afraid to get sick. One of my co-workers caught a cold, was out sick for two days and now is coughing a lot.  I am trying to drink lots of water and I started to get a dose of my blue light again to regulate the sleep.

My energy level was good, not great, but I am feeling like I am losing muscle and are getting a little weaker. I am already down 5 pound now after only 6 days. I am losing way too fast, but I guess its part of the challenge. I should have bought pasta, bread, and cake. Just kidding. I am sure it will be ok.

I was worried to eat 7 days the same meals over and over again. How bad is it? Well I am still grateful to have a tasty meal waiting for me and thank goodness I did not have to cook during the week.

This weekend I will make a special treat. Carrot cake. I had to find a recipe with oil instead of butter, since I ran out. And there will be all the fun stuff missing, but it will still be cake.

This weeks trip got me a ton of foods. Lots of items were 10 for $1. When I read the online flyer I just wanted to go shopping to make sure I get all those items, like eggs, chicken, veggies, and yogurt. To my delight I found milk on sale for $2.99/gallon as I was about to settle for a half-gallon for $2.49. Believe me, that made my day!

groceries week 2 20130926-203235.jpg

Breakfast: Pancakes with yogurt and plums.
Lunch: 4 chicken breasts with carrots, peas, and potatoes; Chicken soup with carrots, onions, peas, garlic and mini pasta

breakfasts  lunches

Snack: Black bean salad
Dinner: Lentils with fried onion rings and a dollop of yogurt. Not sure about the rice yet.


salad in afternoon dinners

I had lots more to write but I am out of time. Bummer.

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