SNAP challenge Day 7 of 42

SNAP challenge Day 7 of 42 and recap of SNAP challenge Week 1

While this was a simulated experience of living on $31.50 for a week, because I still had my car, my house, my job and I am very grateful for that. But I do now have a lot more empathy for people that live in or just above the poverty line. I did kinda believe that if somebody wants to, they could live healthy and get fruit and veggies even on a low budget. And boy was I wrong.

I did get more creative with my cooking. I just made a plum compote with just a little water and the juice of a lime. I think its delish. Here are most of my meals for the coming week. I just have to make the pancakes tomorrow. I know its 7 days the same meals, but it will make it easy for the week.


I learned from my mistakes in the first week and did a lot better with my shopping within the budget going into my second week. But it seems unrealistic that somebody working two jobs and having to support a family has time and the dedication to make it work trying to squeeze out the most nutrition you can buy. On day three I wished I had bought pasta, heck even yesterday morning I felt like I needed some bread for comfort. It will be interesting to see how my body will level out with the weight. While week one had more fat (butter and peanut butter), in the new week I have very little to work with, but a lot more veggies and beans to allow for 4 meals a day. I missed my raw veggies a lot. It felt like I cooked them all to death in week one.

Those are my fruits for the new week (breakfast). I was drooling over the bananas earlier and would have loved to eat one, but that would throw of my plan for the pancakes.


I have signed up for some volunteering at a local food bank to take it a little further. I do believe that the opportunities in this country are pretty amazing and endless. I grew up in Socialism and know that it does not work. I hated it so much, that I always wanted to leave East Germany since the age of 10. I moved and lived in West Germany for about 8 years before I decided to come to the US. I came with only 2 suitcases to this country and did not know anybody.  Education or the lack thereof and the upbringing may play a major role in what kind of job one gets and life one lives. While we cant fix all problems here or in far countries. We can for sure do our part to just make it a little better for the ones in need. Granted there will always be the lazy and the abusers, but for sure that’s not the majority.

Ever seen a cat that was crying after cutting an onion. Those were some tear jerkers.


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