SNAP challenge Day 8 of 42

I was in a hurry this morning and wanted to make the chickpea flour rather quickly which was needed for my chickpea pizza. But sometimes you pay for trying to hurry along. I did not wanted to dirty a plate while looking through the chickpeas for old ones or stones. I had the Vitamix ready as I was dropping the chickpeas in after sorting. Then I accidentally hit the switch and the Vitamix turned on while the lid was still off. Well I ended up with pieces of chickpeas and dusting all over the kitchen very well spread out and had to do a deep clean of pretty much everything in the kitchen. So much for being in the hurry. I am just glad it wasn’t liquid. This is one powerful blender!

20130928-220514.jpg 20130928-220445.jpg

Since I did not have any butter left for baking I wanted to make something sweet with oil, Carrot cake. I just needed a treat and my protein treats are out of question right now. It wasn’t bad, a little too sweet, but then the addiction factor kicked in and just wants you to eat more. I ended up giving it to a neighbor who loves cake and does not have a problem with overeating. Cant handle it, cant eat it!

20130928-220357.jpg 20130928-220340.jpg

As my routine with the SNAP challenge settles in, I will now more focus on finding nutritious and budget friendly recipes and experiment. Here is my pizza on a budget. Chickpea crust, tomatoes, onions, black beans and yellow peppers. I didn’t have any sauce or cheese.


Weird enough when going grocery shopping I now notice all the things I cant have (“afford”). While before I did not buy them either but I also did not notice them. I do now enjoy the cooking more. I was able to slow down a little. This reminds me of back when I was a kid. We made all the meals from scratch, canned and preserved. We went into the the woods for mushrooms and dried them. Going fishing was a different story, we never caught any fish you could or wanted to eat. Hmmm, maybe it was my dads bait? But it was relaxing, though we had to get up on a Saturday morning around 4am to be there at the crack of dawn. It now makes fond memories. And as family we always ate our meals together around the dining room table with the TV off. As kids we hated it, but now come to realize the value that added.

Current stats after 9 months of Lean Eating by Precision Nutrition:  -46 pounds and -37 inches

Today’s budget meals:

20130928-220418.jpg 20130928-221022.jpg

20130928-220340.jpg 20130928-220257.jpg

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