SNAP challenge Day 9 of 42

Food losses are hard on a restricted budget. Yesterday I lost some chickpeas that where flying around the kitchen and this morning I lost a banana and 2 eggs as the second egg was bad. I needed to change my breakfast idea slightly for the week. 2 pancakes, a dab of pnb and yogurt, plum compote, and 1 hard-boiled egg.

Dang I missed the meetup group this morning. We were about to go for a 5 to 7 mile hike, but my iPhone got me into lost territory and I could not get to the group on time. But despite that, it was a beautiful drive and I was enjoying the leaves starting to turn all shades of yellow, with splashes of red. Fall is for sure my most favorite time of the year. Crisp mornings and beautiful colors, as it gets colder I am looking forward to get crafty again towards the winter. I walked with my neighbor and her dog this afternoon enjoying this incredible weather just a little more.

I got this today from my new tenant. Made me happy.

I was excited to jump over to the 4-week SNAP challenge and thought that I would have more money for veggies or even some “fun/splurge” foods (like a $1.79 8oz block of cheese) left, since I now can leverage buying larger packages. But come to find out, lots of things had to get the cut again. Regardless, I am beyond thrilled to get my dinner protein shakes back, just with less of all the fixings. Breakfasts will rotate between the pnb oatmeal bars and eggs with veggies, and dinners are my shakes. I had planned out the warm meals but need to start over. They all need to have a meat and a veggie. I still have 4 chicken breasts left from this weeks trip. Unbelievable! And no I wont worry about the hormones and other toxins in those chickens for the next couple of weeks. There were 7 small chicken breasts in that package for $3.34 but also tons of fat which I discarded, as there are lot of toxins in the fat.

Yesterday I talked about that cake that I could not handle, there is something worth reading: Brain Imaging Study Confirms Addictive Nature of Processed Carbs

I think I now have enough carbs again to return to my beloved T25 workouts in addition to the prescribed LE workouts. This weeks groceries were like hitting the jackpot thanks to this store called Cermak with unbeatable prices for conventional veggies and meats.

Today’s meals:

M1: Banana and egg pancakes; Cost $0.58
M2: Black Bean Salad with grated carrots and chickpea bread; Cost $0.46
M3: Chicken Soup; Cost $0.39
M4: Lentils and Rice; Cost $0.22

I really hate rice and hope I can endure 5 more days of it. The cost of my meals is unusually low as most veggies were available for $0.10 a piece. I will continue with this strategy since it will give me the max value and allow me to eat tons of veggies. My energy level remains pretty good and stable so far. Current weight loss is 5 pounds.

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