SNAP challenge Day 10 of 42

Let the fun begin. I dug out my glucose meter and will record the values for a couple of days to see the effects. I am not looking forward to the side effects of Thursday’s  experiment and I am still on the fence if I want to fast on Friday to get that crap back out of my system again.


My plan for Thursday is to get an item from the dollar menu at McDonalds for breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be bought on my way to work at Walgreens. Something like tomato soup in a can (lunch) and mac&cheese (dinner) and then spending the leftover money on candy and pop. Gosh, just looking at the sodium content makes my legs swell. This is a problem I had quite frequently when I was highly overweight.  Not sure yet if I want to go for highest calories or highest protein. And to top it off it will be a no exercise day.




Today I had plenty of food, almost too much. I experienced very little hunger. It will be interesting to see how the week will go as my meals are mostly vegetarian, except for the chicken soup.

Today’s meals:

20130930-190205.jpg 20130930-190215.jpg 20130930-190224.jpg 20130930-190241.jpg 20130930-190249.jpg

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