SNAP challenge Day 11 of 42

Today I was hungry again. I started my T25 workouts back up and they do drain some energy. Today was T25 Speed.

Eating healthy on the SNAP (food stamp) challenge means that hunger has to become your friend and the 80% full is build-in.  I do feel like the fat is meting off. My sleep is also back to normal. Makes me happy, happy, happy!

I did some glucose logging on my current meals today, and I finally get it with the slow carbs. In the past the measuring was very uneventful, kinda boring, rarely going over 95. At least I would never catch it. Today I could see how certain foods cause a spike. Highest values were at 7pm about 25 minutes after dinner with 116 (maybe the rice) and at 12:43pm with 110 about 25 minutes after lunch (pasta).

I just did the calculations on the meals and I only make it to 1200 kcal/day. No wonder I am so hungry today.  I wish I would have some butter left or extra peanut butter.

Totals per day:  1200 kcal, 145g carbs, 39g fat, 71g protein, 642mg sodium, 41g sugar


Todays meals:

20131001-191534.jpg 20131001-191543.jpg

20131001-191554.jpg 20131001-191609.jpg

Last night I made some tasty chickpea flat-bread.  It would be even better with a drizzle of olive oil or some freshly grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese on top. Recipe

20131001-191500.jpg 20131001-191508.jpg

20131001-191516.jpg 20131001-191523.jpg

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