SNAP challenge Day 12 of 42

Holy cow, what a busy day. This morning was my trainer workout. Gosh, he had me sprint and I hate running. But the amazing thing is I was able to run pretty fast feeling like I was in pretty good shape. Though dont get any ideas I wont start running, maybe a triathlon or two. I had my caliper measurements today and I still have 34% body fat, but eventually it will have no chance to hang around.  It needs to go!

This morning I walked by my favorite coffee shop and the gals are always so sweet. This morning was no long line to buy coffee, I went up and I told them about my current mission and that I cant have a nice cup of coffee for another 4 weeks. One of the gals told me that she had received food stamps in the past and how hard it is. They wanted to buy me a cup of coffee and I had to refuse. But we had a nice little chat and that it all that matters. This morning I got an email from Feeding America with this video.

Last week I felt a lot better, granted I was missing the veggies, but the lack of fat is a lot harder to take. I cant wait to be done with this week. The meals suck. The breakfast pancakes aren’t cutting it. I am so hungry in the morning that they dont give me enough bulk. I really liked the oatmeal with one egg better. Food-wise it just went downhill today. I had something from my co-workers treat drawer and while shopping I needed a white roll and some wieners. They put a little dent into my new budget.

Here are the leftover items in my pantry and fridge. and I could have made more food for this week but I wanted to build the pantry. Silly, I know.


Today’s shopping trip for the month. I have $25 left for some items for week 3 and 4. And yes I got my protein shakes back starting Saturday!

20131002-210545.jpg 20131002-210553.jpg

This evening I went with a meetup group (Hikers and Backpackers) for an evening hike. Was awesome. I even learned a little bit about shooting pictures in the dark. Pretty fantastic. I think I want to get back into photography. Those shots are before they showed me some settings on my SLR and I did not have time to fix them in Photoshop.

hike4 hike3

hike2 hike1

My meals for today:

20131002-210445.jpg 20131002-210453.jpg 20131002-210503.jpg 20131002-210512.jpg 20131002-210521.jpg


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