SNAP challenge Day 13 of 42 – SNAP on-the-go

You know when you are hungry things are just tastier. My morning burger from McD was tasty. I liked that it was fatty as it would prevent the hunger from coming back too soon. But I had that little voice nagging me about the candy bars. I ate them both, even before lunch, and they were huge! So I could not really evaluate how long the burger would have kept me from being hungry again. Had my soup and crackers at lunch and Mac&Cheese for dinner. I did not experience any hunger today, just cravings. I am stuffed now and feel like I just want to rest. I kinda enjoyed the meals. They were comforting and filling. This was almost all grab and go and required very little prep.

I can feel my feet starting to swell and I already developed a rash on my right leg. There was very little nutrition in those meals. And fruits and veggies were nowhere to be seen. The blood sugar levels jumped up and down quite a bit and over time I could imagine that it would be a lot more taxing on ones body. The glucose level jumped from its lowest of 78 (just before lunch) to its highest 147 (after mac&cheese) and anything in between. I had never seen either of those numbers before.

What did today’s food look like and how much did I spend? I spend $4.10. In the end I had another 40 cents left and except for candy there would not have been anything healthy to purchase. So eating healthy requires planning. And dont forget, folks might have to ride the bus or train, which takes longer to get to any destination here in the US.

It was my first time going to McD for breakfast and my first time for Kraft Mac&Cheese. And I hope I never have to repeat that.

20131003-191830.jpg 20131003-191638.jpg

20131003-191813.jpg 20131003-191653.jpg

20131003-191645.jpg 20131003-191700.jpg 20131003-191707.jpg 20131003-191715.jpg 20131003-191732.jpg

Lets look at the nutrition:

Totals     2,054 kcal, 300g carbs, 67g fat, 56g protein, 2,947mg sodium, 109g sugar


So is it possible to gain weight on $4.50. Heck yes and its a lot easier to live this way.  While it may be easy to criticize people for making not to good choices on SNAP, I have to tell you it does require a fair amount of planning, constant re-arranging of the budget and high dedication to live healthy to make it work. Not easy if you have to work 2 low-paying jobs or are out work for medical reasons and cant do certain things. Just yesterday when I went to Aldis and the eggs were up to $1.89 from $0.89 and the milk was up to $2.99 from $2.29 from the previous week, almost a budget breaker since I rely on eggs for my protein.

So the takeaway for me is: What can I do to make it better for someone in need? Find an elderly person and cook them a meal once a week? Or teach a family to prepare easy and healthy meals on a very tight budget? Or help out at a food pantry?  I will come up with something. Stay tuned.

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