SNAP challenge Day 14 of 42

My joints were very achy this morning, especially my fingers and knees. But it disappeared rather quickly as I went on to do my workout #2 at the gym. Love the dead-lifts and can now do quite a few normal pushups. I wish the sauna would have been back in business. Always good to sweat out those toxins. Yesterdays food also brought a flareup of heartburn caused by sugar would be my guess.  The swelling of my legs continued as the rather large amount of sodium needs to find its way out of my body again. My weight this morning was 220, up by 3 pounds. But in all everything is going back to normal. I feel a little sick (like a cold coming my way) and are drinking hot lime water to fight it.

This month meal plan is a lot more exciting. I now can alternate two weekly meals to bring in a little variation.

M1: eggs and veggies or oatmeal bake
M2: Week1+2:  4 chicken breast, sweet potato, veggies or bbq pork, home-made buns, cole slaw
Week3+4:  pasta (or zucchini spaghetti if price allows), peas, eggs or beef stew, mashed potato, red cabbage
M3: Protein Shake

I still have $25 left for the fresh ingredients for week 3 and 4. There will be no shopping trip and no cooking next week. Efficiency at its finest. Time to get out and take my camera to experiment.

Today’s meals:

20131004-204714.jpg 20131004-204730.jpg 20131004-204753.jpg 20131004-204810.jpg

Look whats baaaack. My protein shake! Just love it! Granted its just half from what I would normally do, but still better then a meal.

Some food prep for the next two weeks:

20131004-204823.jpg 20131004-204833.jpg

Each of the 28 baggies contains about 65g of frozen fruit, 1 tbsp of peanuts, 1/2 tbsp of coconut flakes, 1 scoop of protein powder. Ready to go! I just have to add 1/2 banana, some sweet potato, water, and plenty of ice.

20131004-204842.jpg 20131004-204858.jpg

I just put everything in the slow cooker for the BBQ pulled pork. It will be ready to be packaged tomorrow morning.

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