SNAP challenge Day 15 of 42

This marks day 1 of the 4-week-SNAP challenge, with 2 singles weeks behind me. Things are getting easier. I have almost all my lean meals back in the plan, just less of it. Which makes them super-lean. 😉  I am thrilled with my eggs and veggies for breakfast (every other day) and protein shakes for dinner. Lunches include some white carbs, which at this budget are unavoidable to get some carbs and not dropping the calories too low.  I do miss my veggies and fruits.

But it also has a great side effect. I have more time. I dont have to cook or shop next week. Food seems to become less important. Well dont get me wrong I love to do the cooking and baking and I really enjoy it.  But during the week I can go on autopilot and just grab the prepared meals.

I am also thinking to take some Photography classes to learn more about my camera and to shoot awesome pictures. I have tons of gear so there is no cost involved. Maybe a UV filter to protect the lenses but that’s about it.

I could only used 1/2 of a small zucchini for this mornings breakfast since I need my veggies to stretch out for the next two weeks. Still the same bad coffee for $3.99 at Aldis, but I frothed up the milk, now at least it looked a little nicer.

20131005-171235.jpg 20131005-171250.jpg

I made some rolls for my BBQ pork and cole slaw.

20131005-171418.jpg 20131005-171333.jpg

The country style ribs are awesome. Made in the crockpot and required very little work. I also made another batch of the baked oatmeal. This time I left out the cranberries and added some cocoa powder. I will make a fruit compote with 4 apples and 1/2 cup of dried cranberries to pour over the oatmeal.

20131005-171437.jpg 20131005-171309.jpg

Recap on the food expenses for the 4 weeks:

Cermak: $34.69
Aldi:        $36.74
Target:    $19.99  (protein powder)

I have $25 left for some fresh fruit and veggies, milk, eggs, and meat for the beef stew for week 3 and 4.

The foods I purchased:

20131002-210545.jpg 20131002-210553.jpg

20131005-183235.jpg 20131005-183257.jpg 20131005-183245.jpg 20131005-183314.jpg

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