SNAP challenge Day 16 of 42

This morning at church I talked to somebody I went to New Orleans with on a mission trip (rebuild after Katharina) and he was telling me about this food pantry and how he volunteers there 3 times a week and that he planted a big garden and donated most of the veggies to the pantry. this pantry serves about 4000 to 5000 families a month. One of the big donors of fruits and veggies is Trader Joes. I like when businesses care for the communities.

For lunch I invited my sweet little neighbor to have BBQ pork sandwiches and coleslaw with me and each of us had 2 servings. It was Sunday after all. So now I have 3 servings less then planned, but I am sure I can find something else.

I just got a super cute dress for a wedding that I have to attend this Saturday and cant wait to wear it. And its a size L, that is freaking AMAZING! Noooooo more fat clothing.


Today’s meals:

20131006-195440.jpg 20131006-195448.jpg

I whipped up a huge shake almost like before, expect there is a lot more ice in it. Eaten too fast causes really bad brain freezes. So it makes me slow down. I finished my food prep for the week

20131006-195457.jpg 20131006-195506.jpg

Now I am off to do some beautification and relaxation, as in face mask, Epsom salt bath and pedicure. Yes, a great way to end the weekend.

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