SNAP challenge Day 17 of 42

I dont want LE to end, it seems to be approaching so fast. It has been such an incredible journey. But I suppose they will need to kick us out of the nest eventually so we learn to fly.

I am still sick, that crap food day really pulled a number on my immune system. Trying hard to get over it. Just made another cup of hot lime water.

I did a quick check on my photographer and wanted to find out if they needed a down-payment. No down-payment required. Need to start thinking about the venues. I really like outdoor shots but end of November may be tricky.  I am so so excited about the shoot because those two are just so incredibly talented. Lots of my friends are using them for family pics and weddings when they are in town. They usually travel the world. I met Jayden and Caroline (upper left) while being part of the worship team at church. They since went into full-time photography and loving it. Upper right is a picture of Julie & Dan and their little guy just before they left for Germany. Lower left is my friend Amy and her kids, and on the lower right is one of their latest pictures while they were in India.

woodnote_caroandjayden   woodnote_Julie

woodnote_amy woodnote_india

This morning was workout #1. I stayed the whole time in the general area, which I previously referred to as the “boys area”  because I rarely see any girls up there. The only annoying thing was that a guy decided he needed to use a bench right next to me while I was doing single-leg RDL’s and dumbbell rows even so there was tons of space and benches unused.

Haha and the funny thing is, now people are starting to ask me how my new diet is going? Diet? Considering the SNAP food challenge a diet is a little bit of a stretch. But if done well it will lead to weight-loss for sure. I am still running the calcs on the meals, but I just realized that eggs and veggies will be cheaper in the end in comparison to the oatmeal and all the fixings. Hmmm.

I almost had the chance to volunteer at a school pantry program, which during each school distribution, families receive about 25 pounds of food per child enrolled at their school. Unfortunately I had already plans.

Today’s meals:

20131007-203313.jpg 20131007-203335.jpg 20131007-203437.jpg

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