SNAP challenge Day 18 of 42

I finally updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 7 and I love it. Also Evernote 5 is out. Last night was big update night, the biggest problem really was deleting some of my food pics to make space on my iPhone.

This morning I wasn’t in the mood to workout, but I went to the gym and thought I will just do 10 minutes of T25 Lower Body. After I started I was able to do the 25 minutes plus the cool-down.

Ahhhh, the oatmeal for breakfast, so comforting. I love it a little too much, down-right addicting. Yup the good ole grains and my intolerance. Busted and they need to go. They are making me hungry for more, they drag down my energy level and they make me want to eat not so good things. Every day I think of my co-workers treat drawer and if I should get maybe once piece. Then one would lead to two, then three and so on. While I haven’t dipped into that drawer it would just be a question of time. So the buns and the oatmeal need to leave my house, SNAP challenge or not. And in the end it looks like I can make it work with veggies and eggs in the mornings and stay under $1.50.

My calculation revealed:

Breakfast #1 oatmeal (62 cents)
oatmeal bake 24 cents
peanut butter 12 cents
1 apple for 18 cents
1 egg for 8 cents

Breakfast #2 veggies (60 cents)
1 zucchini 28 cents
3 eggs 24 cents
1 tbsp of butter 8 cents

I could almost triple the veggies and come in close to $1, since I need 47 cents for coffee with milk. I am trying out a new coffee. Its called Cafe Bustelo and its a Cuban coffee. The 10oz bag cost $3.49 and I just checked on Amazon it has pretty good ratings. The Aldis coffee was pretty bad.

20131008-190404.jpg 20131008-190420.jpg

20131008-190435.jpg 20131008-190447.jpg

I may go to the Cermak store because I am dying for a nice salad for next week and the prices are amazing. I could get 5 pounds of veggies for under $4. I already have chickpeas and black beans that I can use for protein. I have next weeks meals frozen so they would last another week.


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