SNAP challenge Day 20 of 42

This morning I  did T25 Speed, great workout as always.

I finally got my Jawbone wristband back. Actually I got a replacement as the battery failed. I mainly want it to track sleep. I slept 7 hours and 20 minutes last night and I did 11,063 steps today.

Went to an glassblowing event this evening and had a blast. Beautiful Art!

glass6 glass5

Wow, glass as 2000 degrees! Some hot stuff.

glass4 glass3

It was my turn. What fun we had! It was part of a Meetup group called “40+ and living it up”, and for sure that’s what we did.

glass2 glass1

My meals

20131010-211926.jpg 20131010-211936.jpg 20131010-211952.jpg 20131010-212016.jpg 20131010-212030.jpg

Hey, that coffee even tastes half way decent without any milk. I think I might like it that way!

M1: 57 cents – 3 eggs, 1/2 carrot, 1 zucchini M2: 93 cents – tomato and onion, chicken breast, carrots, potato
M3: 14 cents – coffee
M4: 37 cents – 1 pear
M5: $1.42  – protein shake with 2 scoops

Total: $3.43

I still have to calc the nutritional values. But that for another time


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