SNAP challenge Day 21 of 42

Wow, I just spend $10 dollars on veggies even so had only planned $5. Dang! I wanted some addition for my salad and there is nothing for under $1, even canned veggies are expensive. There is absolutely no wiggle room for fun foods, just barely getting by. Oh well, that leaves me with $14 for the last week and I have next weeks meals frozen.  That shopping by the pound is not that easy on a tight budget.

20131011-204345.jpg 20131011-204542.jpg

I almost got a bunch of blisters from my DLs this morning. Today was workout #2 and I stayed up in the general area this morning after doing my DLs. Man, that place was crowded. I felt bad-ass doing my workout and did not feel like going down to the girls room.

It’s amazing how things can change when you just go out and look for a little fun. Everything changes. A couple of month ago I hated my job and wanted to pack up fast to hit out to go to the West Coast. And I still want to go out west but I now like my work again and Milwaukee is a pretty cool place to live.  I am actually looking forward to winter for the first time in years. I want to go snow-shoeing, snowboarding, winter hiking, and taking pictures when the first snow falls with a bunch of my new meetup buddies. I realized that I had lost my zest for life and had started feeling the effects of a boring, average life. For that I could have stayed in Germany. I am just glad I snapped back out of it. In the end its not how much purchasing power I have, rather then having fun experiencing things from a plain ol’ hike snapping pics of the wild-life at zero cost, to going on an adventure cruise to Alaska. I really need to start dreaming up some fun again.

Two of my co-workers asked me today if they could come over for dinner or pay me to bring them breakfast to work. LOL.

20131011-204112.jpg 20131011-204200.jpg

I picked up my glass ornament that I made last night after it cooled for 24 hours and I really like it. I will do it again. They also have 2-day classes, which after I would get certified and could use the glass studio on my own to start experimenting. Hmmm.

20131011-204238.jpg 20131011-204311.jpg


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