SNAP challenge Day 24 of 42

The morning started off with a 2-hour (big) team meeting. Bad enough to start at 9am, even worse on a Monday morning at 9am. There was food! I was finally down again to 216 pounds, but with the bagel and the muffin I can say good-bye to that one again for a while. While I really enjoyed the cheesecake chocolate muffin and I should have left it at that. I felt like crap after the bagel and that did not even taste good. I was so tired, my allergies are back and I had a headache. Maybe the lack of rest could have also contributed to needing the “carb fix”.  Quite an interesting dynamic in the aftermath. The SNAP challenge is starting to get annoying as it can make things horribly inconvenient and downright weird. But then, its only 2.5 more weeks and I can return you my lifestyle before the SNAP challenge if I wish. It definitely messes with my well-being and my balance a little. I do feel off. But I now have more empathy to when people who dont have enough food come back for seconds and thirds and may even fill their pockets.

Today’s Workout: #1

20131014-204540.jpg 20131014-204551.jpg

20131014-204602.jpg 20131014-204612.jpg

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