SNAP challenge Day 25 of 42

Today’s Workout was T25 Total Body this morning at the gym. I love those 30 minute workouts. I did have a thought to do a double workout to work off yesterdays muffin and bagel, but then I realized punishing my body isn’t the smartest thing to do. So it is what it is and it can easily be “fixed” again.

Got home from work late this evening, dang there is just never enough time in the evenings. I am off the challenge for tomorrow as it is my birthday and there is just too much going on.

Since I did not have much rest over the weekend I kinda feel worn out and in combo with being on-call this week and the SNAP challenge starting to wear on me it feels like it could be a setup for disaster. I am feeling my progress is stalling, kinda mad at myself that I choose to do this challenge at this moment. I could have easily waited 3 month. But then when it is painful its probably when the most growth happens.

Today were the same ole meals and I didn’t have time to do the price or nutrition calc.

How is that for some chocolate?

And here is the white version…

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