SNAP challenge – (Birth)day OFF

I did a Tabata workout this morning with my trainer. I love pushups and burpees, and I dont mean the girly pushups. I can probably do 20 to 30 each. My new goal is getting up to 50 each. I think that would be pretty badass cool.

Had a wonderful day. It was a kind of do the opposite day and I think I am now ready again to finish the last 3 weeks of the SNAP challenge. And with 5 more weeks til the photo-shoot I want to melt some more fat. So no more whining, just getting it done now.


Here are my foods for today and I even got a free Maple Spiced Latte from my favorite coffee shop called Stone Creek Coffee. The gals and guys working there are so sweet and very knowledgeable. #lovegreatcoffee

I provided a German kind of breakfast and the guys liked it better than donuts. So it was a win!  This evening I finished the day off with some Caramel Swirl frozen yogurt.

20131016-204307.jpg 20131016-204430.jpg

20131016-204252.jpg 20131016-204328.jpg

20131016-204348.jpg 20131016-204403.jpg

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