SNAP challenge Day 27 of 42

Since I overslept a  little I had to go for a really quick 15 minute workout tabata style with 3 rounds total. I was still stuffed this morning from all the food I had yesterday, so I decided to go of a fasting day. It felt really good and I got hungry for the first time around 3pm. My body clearly needed that rest.

This evening I spend the remainder of my SNAP budget, with only $1.13 to spare for the remaining 2 weeks. But I do have everything I need to make the meals. I may run out of coffee before the month is up. But then I have black tea that could get me over that hump. They had some great deals again at my for the SNAP challenge favorite grocery store. With the shopping done today I can cook up the meals tomorrow and they will make a nice mix of meals up over the next two weeks. I had planned beef stew but it was waaaaaay to expensive. Chicken was on sale for 69 cents a pound. While I was happy to get 8 servings out of it, it also makes me realized at what true cost it comes. I removed the incredible amount of fat and cut it into portions. That fat signifies the mistreatment of the chickens and the kind of feed that allows rapid weight gain, then mix in some growth hormones and you have commercially raised chickens that you get that cheap. You can even see some bruises. But living on food stamps would be about just getting by, and taking advantage of any deals. There isn’t much left for fruits and veggies to begin with.  I had to leave several items behind at the register.

20131017-195033.jpg  20131017-195055.jpg


Here is today’s only meal. I broke the fast around 6:30pm and splurged on 1/2 an orange in my salad. And stay tuned for some cookies I really want to make, even so I had to leave the chocolate chips behind at the register earlier today. Made from a bean and peanut butter and some other ingredients. But no flour and no sugar.

20131017-192326.jpg cookie

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