SNAP challenge Day 28 of 42

I decided that I dont want to cook everything up yet as I still have 2 breakfasts and 2 salads for lunches left. So Sunday I will be roasting up the potatoes, carrots and onions with the mustard chicken. For breakfasts I will make an egg casserole and some egg cups.

Tomorrow I am making homemade pudding and those bean cookies and I will be trying to make some sauerkraut in a mason jar.

Today’s meals are back to normal and will be pretty much the same for the next two days. Except its hard to do the shakes at night since it is getting cold. I am sure the body will adjust soon. some hot lime water or tea might be good too.

20131018-200136.jpg 20131018-200145.jpg 20131018-200156.jpg

Now I am off to sew some pillows and need to find a cut to sew little Chihuahua sweaters for my sweet little neighbors dog.

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