SNAP challenge Day 29 of 42

I went to a Dollar Store to check out if it could be incorporated in any way. Certainly not for the healthy eating part, but for an occasional treat it may be ok. I saw cheese, chocolate chips, shelf-stable milk, nuts, canned chicken, mackerels, sardines for a $1. They might be budget-effective but certainly not price-effective.

Today I had to run a bunch of errands so I did not have time for a formal workout. And my new tenant finally moved in. I will do something tomorrow after I am done with my system checks for work due to my on-call responsibilities.

I spent my last dollar on strawberries. Though I was kind a fussing about the pesticides on it but I am sure one time isn’t going to kill me.

I found this book called “Discovering the Wildly Affordable Organic Life” and wanted to try out some recipes. One was for this hot-milk cake and the other one was for real vanilla pudding.

20131019-162203.jpg 20131019-162212.jpg 20131019-162138.jpg

The cake was easy and I decided to skip the pudding, instead I experimented with some protein powder, like making a frosting. The problem with that cake and vanilla pudding it spells binge or at least too much of that cake so I needed to balance it out with some protein. Since I still have some protein powder left I had to find a recipe with ingredients that I have on hand. Most of them called for Greek yogurt or quark so they were out of question. I found one with just plain water maybe milk would have been ok too. Since I did not wanted to waste too much of the protein powder I left it at pudding consistency and it was great and I was able to stop after the third muffin.

20131019-162150.jpg 20131019-162529.jpg  20131019-162230.jpg

Just the cake (not so good), cake with frosting (ok), protein pudding with cake (much better)

20131019-162242.jpg 20131019-162252.jpg 20131019-191950.jpg

Here is a very easy method of making sauerkraut. Now it just has to ferment for  couple of days. If it turns out well I haves some more ideas how to make tasty sauerkraut adding spices and other veggies.

20131019-162116.jpg 20131019-162125.jpg 20131019-192018.jpg

My meals for today plus 3 of those little cakes which are pictured above.

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