SNAP Challenge Day 30 of 42

12 more days to go in the challenge. I cooked everything up and I am set with all my meals, 3 per day to be exact. I now have alternating meals, so it will not get as boring. I still have potatoes, oatmeal, peanut butter, beans, rice and a bunch of other things left. I came to the realization that anything with flour and sugar I cannot handle. Since we are only 4 weeks away from the photo shoot I am opting for clean foods and feeling a little hungry in-between would be a good idea to burn some fat.

My sauerkraut is already bubbly, which means the fermentation is in full swing. I should be able to start harvesting on Wednesday or Thursday. I have some more ideas what else would be nice. I checked with one of my friends who supplies a couple of health food stores with her kraut.

Heartland – Cabbage, carrots, and dill weed.
Fennel Kraut – Cabbage, fennel bulb, leaf, and seed.
Mexican Cortido – Spicy! Cabbage, carrots, peppers, cumin, and a hint of chipotle for great smoky flavor.
Russian Ruby – bold, beautiful, and flavorful! Cabbage, beets, dill seed, and caraway seed.

The roasted veggies and mustard chicken smelled so good this afternoon in the oven, that I would have loved a helping of potatoes, carrots and onions fresh out of the oven, but it needed to make 6 meals.

Exercise-wise I am thinking of maybe doubling up the T25 workouts on Tuesdays (Speed and Lower Body) and Thursdays (Cardio and Abs) to lean out a little more and those workouts are fun and fast-paced. Monday and Friday are my LE workouts and I may be able to add some pushups and burpees for an extra kick. Wednesdays is trainer workout and I will leave it at that. Saturdays will be AR like biking, hiking, swimming or inline skating. This week was odd as I was on call and cant really be too far away from a computer in case I have to fix an issue.

20131020-170606.jpg 20131020-170630.jpg 20131020-170642.jpg 20131020-170706.jpg

20131020-170652.jpg 20131020-170715.jpg 20131020-170724.jpg 20131020-170740.jpg

20131020-170544.jpg 20131020-170554.jpg 20131020-181348.jpg

Top row: Roasted veggies and chicken with mustard, roasted veggies for breakfast with sprinkles of baconMiddle row: Sauteed veggies with sprinkles of bacon, today’s food prep all packaged up, sauerkraut in the making – day 2;
Bottom row: Egg scramble with zucchini and potato for breakfast, salad with black beans and cheese and chickpea flat bread for lunch, protein shake for dinner

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