SNAP Challenge Day 31 of 42

Hmmm. I just answered the LE survey and it asked at some point: Are you going to take off the habits and the exercise for a while after finishing with LE? No, that would be like taking off from being healthy and fit. I love how I feel right now and want to continue that. JMHO.

So my one co-worker who hates Apple products comes in and tells us he upgraded his phone from one of those old flip ones to a brand-new iPhone 5 and he is already loving it! He has his wife tell Siri to add reminders, calender entries, write emails, etc. Heck I didnt even use those features and for sure will need to explore that for productivity reasons. Freaking cool. Just tested a bunch of things and Siri even understands my German accent.

Here are some of the things it can do:

1. Set Reminders
2. Schedule an Appointment
3. Let’s eat – Ask Siri for a restaurant recommendation
4. Send an email
5. Send a text
6. Weather reports
7. What’s the 411 – Need to look up a phone number?  Just ask SIRI what “Dave’s” phone number is and she’ll not only look it up, she’ll offer to connect you right there.
8. Wake you up
9. Doin’ the math – Need to figure out how many pints in a quart?  Need the square root of 2314? Want to know  Ask SIRI and she’ll query Wolfram Alpha for the result.
10.Tells you where to go
11.Rock out – Tap the mic and tell SIRI to play your favorite song.  You’ll hear it immediately.
12.Take a letter – Tap the mic and SIRI can take dictation for notes, emails, tweets, greeting cards.  Just about anything.  And when you tape done, you’ll see text that is surprisingly accurate.
13.Tell me a story – Ask SIRI to read your email to you, SIRI grabs them in order, or pull out specific emails from people you know and read them, asking if you’d like to reply along the way.
14.Taking Stock – It can’t buy and sell (yet) but Siri will grab any stock quotes and keep you in the loop on how they’re doing.
15.  Only Time Will Tell – What time is it SIRI?  Need I say  more?  OK, I will.  Siri will time your run, giving you lap times as well.  And Siri will count down until you need to take that roast out of the oven.

Today’s meals:

20131021-210123.jpg 20131021-210131.jpg 20131021-210141.jpg

Those oven roasted veggies for lunch? Yummo!

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