SNAP Challenge Day 32 of 42

Need SIRI and cant remember what the command is. No problem, just ask “What can you do?”. And she gives you over 20 samples. And it does not just work on the new iPhone 5 it will work on any iPhone with iOS7.

I think the colder weather just wants the body to eat more and store some fat up for the winter, like the squirrels. Oh if this is a preview for the winter that might be coming it’ll be coooold. And now I dont have all those layers of fat any longer and I am getting cold a lot quicker now.

Here is my current mission statement and it might still change over time: I am fit, healthy, love life and strive to be a great role model to others. I can teach to make healthy and wholesome cooking and living interesting and fun. Just living life to the fullest and having fun in whatever I do and giving back to the needy.

I just lined up a couple of events to do my part to helping to fight hunger. 10/30 helping to Feed the Homeless, 11/27 working in the Feeding Milwaukee Food Drive, and on 12/07 doing an Feeding America Food Sort.

20131022-204249.jpg 20131022-204259.jpg 20131022-204309.jpg 20131022-204319.jpg

I needed an additional meal and I had a couple of mini candy bars from my co-workers treat drawer (no pic).

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