The Soup Potluck

My lack of sleep does seem to continue and for sure it is hard work to get my 7 hours in. I got a little lax in that department. And then another silly thing I did was putting real sugar in my black tea over the last two days, just not thinking, but wondering why I was craving sugar in the evenings again. Then it dawned on me, duhh.

Today was my trainer workout. We did some boxing to warm up, TRX moves, squats and lunges. The 30 minutes just flew by. And finally the sauna is back in service and it feels sooo great even if it is for only 10 minutes.

20131023-202307.jpg 20131023-202256.jpg

It was great to see such a nice variety on soups and other items for our team potluck. The black bean soup (pic 3), South American style  with all those fixings was almost my total favorite. An explosion of fresh flavors with a squeeze of lime. I would not say that I am becoming a soup lover, but I do like soups more and more. We had a chicken dumpling, black bean, chicken tortilla, and a sweet potato soup. And all of them were very tasty, and probably the chicken dumpling was the least healthy soup.

20131023-202246.jpg 20131023-202346.jpg 20131023-202335.jpg

20131023-202358.jpg 20131023-202408.jpg

One of my neighbors brought me some Curtido, pickeled spiced veggies, tonight to try. Pretty darn tasty!

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