SNAP Challenge Day 34 of 42

I tried my home-made sauerkraut today and while it is crisp and has a nice sourness, I can taste the inferiority of the veggies. Call it silly, but I can hardly wait until I can make it again with local ingredients. I am a little sad that I missed quite a few weeks of the local farmers market, but somebody trying to get by with SNAP probably will miss a heck of a lot more. While cabbage ranks on the Clean 15 of lowest pesticides veggies, there is still a difference in locally grown by small farmers or grown for mass consumption.


8 more days and the challenge will be over. Its getting harder by the hour and my weight has stagnated. It seems like I am fighting the same 5 pounds over and over again. One reason being the insufficient amount of protein. Would be nice to throw a piece of meat on the grill and adds some nice veggies or a salad. Soon!

I have been fighting for the last couple of days, this afternoon I sent an email to coach Krista and I always love the answers that I get back. So smart!

My email:

I am a little frustrated as I seem to fight those same 5 pounds over and over again. 8 more days and my SNAP food challenge will be over and I can eat great clean foods again. And with it getting colder rather quick the body seems to want more potatoey, soupy kinda stuff. The lack of protein during the challenge certainly made it harder to stay satisfied with less. While I did pretty well staying LE compliant on those $4.50/day, it wasn’t quite optimal. I guess if nothing else, at least I learned a good lesson. lol

I have been fighting for the last couple of days and wanted to fast, kinda to punish my body for its reaction to my actions. But then I let it go and did not fast, as I dont want to use IF as a tool to punish myself.

Krista’s response:

I’m curious to see how your body reacts to those ‘same 5 pounds’ when you can listen to it a bit closer and see what types of foods that it is asking for without budgetary constraints  😉

I’m sure you learned many valuable lessons from that experiment.

It’s very normal to feel the ‘comfort foods’ start to creep into our minds now that the weather is changing, its getting colder, and daylight is starting to dissipate. Sometimes that’s a serotonin thing as carbs are more readily converted to melatonin and then seratonin from carb sources.

Some people feel best when they try to get some more outside light exposure (or even a full spectrum light bulb or tanning bed for those who have limited access to daylight in the winter).  That natural light can really help those happy hormones re-balance themselves during these shifts in circadian cycles.

Nice job on distinguishing a fast from being ‘healthy’ versus ‘punitive’.  That’s how we do it!!

Now this was an LE lesson to my liking! I am all about that! Just yesterday I got an email from a family I have been following for a while. I dont know them personally but I admire that they travel the world with their 5 and soon to be 6 children. Their journey led them from Alaska to currently Guatemala. They have been living there for about a year now and are ready to pack up and travel again. Rachel writes:

Where once we had only 321 things, during the last 17 months we’ve collected stuff (a LOT of it), and gotten comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the luxuries of ‘not traveling’. We own a stove, and a fridge, and a washer, and several kitchen appliances and a KING SIZE bed.
We love baking bread, making yogurt, growing a garden, raising animals, dehydrating fruit and having space to keep all our ‘stuff’.

Could I go back to the uncertainty of not knowing where to find a bathroom when you need one, or where to buy your next meal? Could I go back to cramped quarters and minimized belongings (and leave behind my Crock Pot)? Could I deal with the unknown once more, facing the open road, wondering where we’ll lay our heads that night and whether they’ll have hot water?

YES! It is worth it! Here’s why. Staying home makes you comfortable, and if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing.Growth is what we want. And growth doesn’t happen when we constantly seek security (which is an illusion). Our times of greatest growth have come when we’ve sacrificed, suffered and risked the most to pursue something important to us. Unfortunately, our last 17 months in Guatemala has been a time of comfortable, ‘low-growth’ for Greg and me, and we’re feeling it’s affects — on our energy levels, motivation and passion for life. Life’s not the ‘daring adventure’ it once was… and it’s time to change that!

That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. Dare to live life to the fullest. I love world travel, but not sure if I would like to live on the road for long periods of time. But a month here and there to explore a new country or continent would be great fun and very rewarding.

I just needed this today as a little nudge.

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