After SNAP

Only 4 more weeks until the photo shoot. I need to get a grip on my clean eating fast.

Real food is incredibly tasty and so much fun to have colorful fruits and veggies again. I really, really missed that.

I had set out to live as healthy as possible during this challenge and I while, with a lot of effort, I was somewhat successful, the truth is that it is very hard. I can easily see how someone could surrender to ramen noodles, mac&cheese, any kind of pasta, white bread, canned soups, etc. Why is it that the potato chips go fast at a food bank? They are an easy, fun and fast food. There is no prep involved and as I would call it “fun” food, a splurge with no true nutritional value.

Figuring out a system that works on a very low budget using different resources would require a lot of dedication and time. To make matters worse lots of Americans consider heating up something in the microwave as cooking. And aren’t fries and ketchup two servings of veggies? Sometimes that boggles my mind.

The untracked sweets eaten over the weekend seem to pull a number on my well-being and are preventing me from eating clean. I just made my favorite protein bars to take off that edge and in case those cravings are calling again I can grab something a little better for me and still satisfy my sweet tooth. Not sure if this is a result from the SNAP challenge or TTOTM.

Holy moly, workout 10 is here! Get ready!

I really liked the simplicity of the food prep during the SNAP challenge. So 5 days of the same meals will be just fine and dandy.


20131027-193442.jpg 20131027-193423.jpg 20131027-195131.jpg

Today’s meals:

20131027-193325.jpg 20131027-193341.jpg 20131027-193352.jpg 20131027-193405.jpg


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