Sunday morning update

A meal easily exceeding my former daily allowance of $4.50. Black Angus Sirloin, blue cheese, radicchio, onion, orange, apple, oil and vinegar with an estimated cost of $5.30. This is for sure was a special, incredible tasty meal.
It seems that the upgrade to iOS 7 my pictures got darker. I dont quite like it. I will need to switch to white plates at home.I went to the market today and I think I went a little overboard. Everything looked so good. Brussels Sprouts $4, eggs $18, apples $3, cabbage $2, peppers $1. I also went to the butcher to get some meats for the grill.
20131027-074237.jpg 20131027-074325.jpg
20131027-074220.jpg 20131027-074210.jpg 20131027-074200.jpg
Working at the spooky house was fun, to see cool costumes of the little ones and see some of the kids freak after those monsters start to move. We had 100s of kids come by. Sometimes there were even long lines to get some candy.
20131027-075121.jpg 20131027-075105.jpg 20131027-075049.jpg 20131027-075040.jpg
I am off to church and then I need to thing what today’s workout should be.

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