I went to a department store and was just cruising through the women’s coat section not looking for anything in particular. I came across this really fun coat made by Calvin Klein. I am now a size “L” for the most part, but I do wonder since I am still 217 pounds how distorted that is. So back to that coat. I really wanted to try it and as I was trying to get into the second arm I could already feel its never gonna happen. I chuckled and hung it back onto the rack. Then I was still in the area, another gal just had the exact same experience as me, we both looked at each other and bursted out laughing and deciding we would be at least a 2XL. Designers wont let the sizes creep up too much. But over time it seems the normal mainstream clothing sizes are getting bigger and bigger.

OK, my renewed habit is the eating slow to 80%. And as Ellie pointed out its not 80% of what is on the plate. I knew there was a problem with my 80%.

20131028-182553.jpg 20131028-182516.jpg 20131028-182529.jpg

M1: 2 eggs with sauteed brussels sproutsM2: Dijon red cabbage and chicken breast
M3: Vanilla (casein) protein shake with cocoa nibs

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