As I was standing in the kitchen area at work to warm up my lunch, a coworker comes by and says: “What are you up to. You look like that cat that just got a canary and you are still smirking.” Huhhhhhh, I am just glad she didn’t say the feathers are still hanging out of the corner of my mouth. I had just been thinking about the email from coach Krista in response to an email I sent her earlier. And I was kinda smiling about Krista’s response as I totally loved her answer demonstrating how awesome the LE program truly is.  I had told her that my photo shoot is now a whole week earlier and I am just not ready yet and wanted to loose some more fat, the stomach blob. Krista’s response was: “I love your drive yet there’s no need to try and be anything more than your best current self. Let that pressure go. It’s not the LE way.” How cool is that! That’s one of the many reasons why I love LE.

So we had picture weekend last week and I really did not feel like it since it was TTOTM, so I snapped a couple of those before I went to work at the haunted house. LOL Coach got wind of it and I will replace them shortly.

back front

I went to help to feed the hungry tonight. There were about 80 to 100 folks, ranging from their 20s to 70s who came for a free meal. I talked beforehand a little with the volunteer coordinator about the homeless and poverty situation in Milwaukee. I was a table helper during the meal time and provided them with coffee, milk or water and had a chat with some of them and at the end I cleaned up their trays and wished them a good evening. While I did not take any pictures out of courtesy I promised those 3 ladies a printout of them. They have been volunteering at that location for over 2 years and to make things a little more special tonight they brought in treats and dressed up a little.


Today was workout #2 and a HIIT workout with my trainer. I had to rearrange things a little and did not wanted to cancel my trainer for the next 4 weeks.

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