When I got up this morning I did not feel good. First I was thinking I should just go over to Walgreen’s and get something for my stomach, but then on second thought I remembered “Let food be your medicine”. That’s what I did. I went to the store got some great produce and juiced them up. Even so it may not look so great it tasted fantastic. The guava gave the juice a nice little flavor boost.

I just added orange, apple, guava, lime, kale, carrot, cucumber and pineapple.

I think my immune system is worn down after the SNAP challenge and needs a boost.

Today I spend quite some money on fresh produce. I did some of the clean 15 at my favorite cheap store and then went to a health food store to get the rest. This is triple the amount of SNAP and I did not even buy much protein.

Guavas, oranges, bananas, avocados, limes, pineapple, pomegranates, jicamas. $15.43

Walnuts, chia seeds, dates, kale, cilantro, hazelnuts, butter, milk, beets, apples, cucumbers, carrots. $73.98

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