I found an interesting tidbit in regards to my Weight Watchers journey. The max I lost with WW was 65 pounds and I held that weight for exactly one week. I arrived at that point after 10 months and spiked back up faster then it came down. I was miserable most of the time when I was out of points around late afternoon so I usually would go to bed early and hungry. Every week was a battle. I am glad those days are over. I wanted to find out how successful WW really is. I remember in those meetings, most of my “buddies” were fairly to extremely overweight and maybe 2 or 3 had lifetime status (normal weight) out of a crowd of 30 to 40. How many do I or you know that are on it for the 10th time. Granted you need the right tools for a success weight maintenance  and the work never ends, but going to a meeting for the rest of your life?
ww weights
This article is a little older but that was the best I could find. I am sure WW would not want to ever leak out their un-success rate.
Weight Watchers Works. For Two Out of a Thousand. (And They Probably Weren’t Fat to Begin With)
I really just wanted to find closure why I failed at WW and why I am certain Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating program has given me the right tools to make it for good. But then LE isnt just a weightloss program. If you let it it can transform your life.

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