The lesson on food history made me think a little more. Just cruising through my Amazon purchase history made me find over 20+ books or programs that I had purchased in the past. And there were more. From Atkins, Body for Life, Raw Foods, Juicing, Gluten Free, to Vegan and more I sure tried a lot always looking for the “perfect” diet. Glad that search is over!

My weight is hoovering around 219 pounds currently and I really like it to go down again. And its kinda stubbornly refusing. But there was also TTOTM. So I will just give my body the time to either chill or rearrange whatever it needs to rearrange. I prepped some good meals and are ready for the new week. I love to see the progress chart as a reminder how far I have come.


I made a  pretty fantastic veggie “lasagne”,  well there is no pasta to be found in that dish. The eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, tomato sauce and pasture ground beef made it filling and very tasty. This is worth a closeup shot. I found the base recipe at AskGeorgie and just modified a couple of things.

The prep work:

20131103-174717.jpg 20131103-175314.jpg 20131103-174704.jpg


My meals for today:

20131103-174749.jpg 20131103-174731.jpg 20131103-174641.jpg

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