I dont like Monday morning meetings starting at 9am. I had to grab a protein shake at the gym since I did not wanted to scarf down my breakfast before the meeting. Well the problem is that shake has quite a few calories, and in the end I just slurped that down in lightening speed on my walk to to office. Very mindful! Gosh the silly stuff we do.  But I finally caught up on sleep, 8 hours thanks to an Epsom salt bath. The focus needs to be on my 7+ hours of sleep. I always find a million things to do. A good nights rest will fend of cravings better, and will allow me again to focus in on my hunger cues even in stressful situations.


I will be shooting for 3 meals again. The brussels sprouts would have given this day a nice balance. Looks like a pretty brown day. But oh well.

20131104-185321.jpg 20131104-185346.jpg

20131104-185335.jpg 20131104-185358.jpg

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