Yeah!!!!! for 8 hours of sleep, second day in a row. šŸ˜‰ I think sleep is my #1 habit to keep an eye on. When I am well rested I can do the eating well and less a lot better. Hmmmm, that needs to go in my owners manual!

Now it has been almost 15 years (Thanksgiving 1998) of living here in the USA. Gosh how the time just flies when you are having fun. I am glad I made this move and I could not imagine how my life would be back in Germany.

Oh goodness, decisions, decisions for the photoshoot have to be made. Urban / city / brick, or nature — trees, field, gym, at home with gym equipment, etc? Just 12 more days to go. And I did not have the chance to do a test spray tan. Oh well, just going with the flow.

My body just needed some nourishment after getting off that SNAP challenge. Now that I am back in balance I could to some Intermittent Fasting (IF) again, thinking of doing a Thursday and Sunday fast. It feels good again to get into the hunger zone for a little while.

Todays meals

20131105-172305.jpg 20131105-172317.jpg

20131105-172333.jpg 20131105-173814.jpg

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