I wrote before about our engagement rings that our coach Krista initiated, which signify our commitment during the year of LE. As the year is coming to a close the photo shoot stands in for the wedding day. And gosh I can feel the excitement build up. My hair appointment is this Saturday (thank god for long hair, almost maintenance free) and I am thinking to get a makeup lesson refresher maybe at a Chanel counter. Called the gym and Tim, the general manager at golds, is ok with getting some shots at the gym. Yayyyeee!

I am getting my bikini (maybe LuluLemon or Athleta) and an outfit for the shoot this weekend. Nails and spray tan will be next Friday. And then I just need to review the required poses and some that I would like for fun. I am sure my photographer has some ideas too.

I sure love my IF ritual! I love to plan my only meal for the day. Today I went to the Public Market and picked up a nice pork tenderloin. To make the meal complete I decided on an apple sauce and broccoli salad with feta and dried cranberries from the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook. I fasted many times in the past, usually 10 to 14 days and then experienced all the unpleasant side effects with it, like the overeating, the stomach having to adjust to food again, etc. The IF feels like I am cheating, it is a way more pleasant experience without messing anything up or sending my body into panic mode. And the food just tastes so much better when hungry.

20131107-181124.jpg 20131107-181110.jpg 20131107-181136.jpg

20131107-181146.jpg 20131107-181155.jpg 20131107-182322.jpg

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