It is starting to get hilarious. I think its funny when people out off the blue start to apologize for eating certain foods like muffins, cookies or sweets to me. Most of them saw me losing the weight but dont really know what “diet” I am on. That just cracks me up. A couple of years ago a trainer once told me, that if he would see a client in a grocery store, they would usually run from him to hide their cart content and all he really wanted was for them to just say “Hi” to him.

Goal for my next photo shoot (about 6 to 12 months out) is to learn a handstand, and maybe even the one on the right.

handstand goals hs

My weight dropped another pound to 214.2. Love it! I will continue to stay with veggies and protein and leave out the carbs to burn off some more unwanted fat. Pretty tired tonight so I will do an Epsom salt bath and go to bed early. Lots of things going on tomorrow, like prep work for the photo shoot next week and helping a friend with a website.

20131108-194217.jpg 20131108-194227.jpg 20131108-194240.jpg

M1: Eggs, asparagus, tomato
M2: Tomato, cucumber, pork tenderloin with apples and cranberries
M3: Protein Ice Cream

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