Hmmm, buying bikinis in winter isn’t such a great idea. If they even have any left, they are mis-matched and pretty ugly. I explored a bunch of new stores and that was fun. The weather was beautiful and I got tons of steps in as it was an outdoor mall. I walked today about 17,000 steps which equate to 7.7 miles. No wonder I am a little tired tonight. That Athleta store is downright dangerous, since I looooooove sports clothing. I also found a cooking store and picked up a new gadget to make eggs in the microwave. I hate microwaved eggs, not sure if the gadget can help.

I did another IF day today. Was a little hungrier and almost made something to eat around 3pm, but some yard work served well as distraction and it felt so good to be outside raking leaves. Since I was on the run all day I did not drink a lot of liquids, nor any green tea which contributed to the evening cravings. I would love some green tea now, but for sure not such a good idea in the evenings. Otherwise those piddle breaks will cut into my sleep. And I sure need all the sleep I can get.

The coming week will be Tuesday and Thursday IF, maybe Saturday before the shoot. I will see how my body reacts to it and just play that by ear.

Note to self: I think for my only meal of the day after a fast I will need more protein. I had some gummy bears, a banana, 2 tbsp pf peanut butter and made finally some protein hot chocolate which did the trick to stop the ongoing cravings. Should have done the hot chocolate earlier. Oh well.

I cant wait to test out more recipes from the ProteinPow website. Just looking at those latest recipes makes me drool.

20131110-202957.jpg 20131110-203005.jpg

Pic1: Brat with eggplant and cucumber salad.
Pic2: Protein Hot Chocolate

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