The latest round of workouts are really awesome. Its getting us ready for the photo shoot. They kinda feel badass!

Eat this (Lindt 85% +) not that (Trader Joes Dark Chocolate). While I only eat a square of the Lindt and be satisfied, I killed the whole TJ chocolate bar today, so no more of that. I gave the two remaining bars to one of my co-workers. #sillythingswedo

20131111-191731.jpg 20131111-191743.jpg

Today I was very grateful for the heated seats in my car and my new gloves, which I can leave on and still access my iPhone. Today we had the first snow and fortunately it did not stick on the streets and sidewalks. For sure this year I will enjoy the snow. I haven’t used my snowshoes in a couple of years and I would love to snowboard again too. Lots of fun stuff to come.

20131111-191623.jpg 20131111-191800.jpg 20131111-191839.jpg

M1: 2 breakfast sausages, 1 egg, purple kale and tomatoes
M2: Cucumber Salad, brat and eggplant
M3: Protein Ice Cream with cocoa nibs


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