I got my spray tan done today. I walked into the tanning salon, told her that this was my very first time to get a spray tan and that I needed it for a photoshoot on Sunday. She just said oh wow, which made me feel real compfy with that whole spray tan thing. So she explained everything to me and told me about possible rundowns and that I have about 2 minutes to get those fixed before its too late. I was totally freaking since there wasnt really a second chance. She was low on that blocking cream that need to be put on the areas to be avoided. I only got to apply a small amount to my feet and hands and now it does look funny, my hands and feet are a little dark. It was so slippery in that booth, I had to turn 3 times and had to find the markers for the feet to be positioned right really fast. Fortuntatly I did not get any rundowns or slipped. Uneven color? I dont know yet as it is still darkening on the skin. afterwards that gal said that she is very impressed how well I did, considering it was my first time. Gosh, I think I prefer the real tanning, at least you get some vitamin D with it and it would be more even. And you dont have to be careful to rub it off, uneven application, or coming in contact with water. Today was totally centered about making that darn tan stick.

For sure an interesting video which reminds me of signing up for this meetup event called AIROBICS using 130 interconnected trampolines. Something like that must be fun. They even have a climbing wall.

I love workout #3, especially the narrow-grip barbell roll-out. I think its badass! Though I need to be careful not to fall on my face.


Food-wise looks like my portions are way too big and deserve a cut. Yup, that 80% full things isn’t quite working so well for me.  In addition it seems I get less sleep on days I dont have to work. Go figure! But there is always so much to do. Today’s meals.

20131115-181759.jpg 20131115-181807.jpg 20131115-181817.jpg

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